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a fragment of Nikolai Smirnov's painting "To the memory of Kutuzov"



"Artist" magazine 1968 N5

Article by Nikolai Smirnov "The World of Poetry and Beauty" (about Boticelli and his time) pages 46-57

 "Artist" magazine  1969 N12

Article by Nikolai Smirnov "Youth always" about August Renoir art and life pages 53-55

Catalogue of the Exhibition "Paintings" by twenty artists 

Moscow, Exhibition Hall on Malaya Gruzinskaya. March 1978

Ogoniok magazine. Article by Leonid Shishkin

"Historical Still-lives by Nikolai Smirnov" article by Leonid Shishkin. Ogoniok lifestyle magazine N21, May 1987

Catalogue of the exhibition
"La Passion des apparences"

Paris,  Galerie Gismondi. 12 Artistes Autour du Trompe-L'Oieil. Exhibition. 20 January - 12 March 1988

Habsburg Feldman Fine art Auctioneers' Soviet Contemporary Art Sale catalogue

Soviet Contemporary Art. The Property of Kniga Collection, Paris, auction catalogue. New York . 5 May 1990. N. Smirnov's paintings illustrated - lots 103 and 104

Creativity (Tvorchestvo) magazine
Article by Vera Alekseeva

Creativity magazine N10, 1991. Article "Nikolai Smirnov's Illusions" by Vera Alekseeva

New Neva magazine. Interview with the artist

Novaya Neva Magazine. N 1,  1992 "Overheard talks. Paintings or the Artist's Life" Interview with N.Smirnov

 President magazine. Article by Tatiana Baidakova 

President magazine N1, 1994. Article "Meeting Point can't be changed". Article by Tatiana Baidakova

Yat' magazine. Illustrated with N.Smirnov's painting

Yat' magazine. February, 1999. Illustrated with N.Smirnov's painting

Catalogue of Art Fair at the Central House of Artists. March 1999

Smirnov's works illustrated at the catalogue within the Cultural Centre "New testament Arc

Speech development. School book  by E.N.Kolokoltsev 

Speech Development 5-7 classes. School Book. Moscow. Drofa . 2000. Author E.N. Kolokoltsev. Article about N.Smirnov and illustration pages 94-95

 Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28. Book by A.K. Florkovskaya. 2009

Malaya Gruzinskaya,28. Book, Moscow. Monuments of Historical Thought. 2009. Author A.K. Florkovskaya

Christie's Contemporary Russian Art Gala charity auction

Crisite's Contemporary Russian Art Gala Charity Auction. S.Petersburg. 2 July 2010. N.Smirnov's paintings illustrated - Lots 14 and 15

 "Artist" magazine  1968 N12

Article by Nikolai Smirnov "Bruegel de Oude" pages 37-50

book "Renoir. Image and Colour" by Nikolai Smirnov

Fine Art Publishing House. 1972

Catalogue of Contemporary Soviet Paintings exhibition, Essen 

Exhibtion Hall at Ferrostal Company in Essen, Germany. Summer 1986

MK at the world of books monthly magazine. Article by Elena Plakhova

MK magazine N4, 1987. Article "Nikolai Smirnov. Proud footprints" by Elena Plakhova

 Domingo Hoy magazine. Article by Marina Khachaturova

Domingo Hoy magazine. La Pas, N205, 5, November 1989. Article "El Mundo de los Objetos de Nicolai Smirnov". Article by Marina Khachaturova

Family and school. Semya and shkola magazine. Article by 

Family and School magazine N4, 1991. Article "Nikolai Smirnov. Culture is my sanctuary, my home" by 

 Exlibris for every day. magazine. Illustrated with Nikolai Smirnov's paintings 

Exlibris for every day. Magazine 1991. 

Nikolay Smirnov. painting

Catalogue of  Nikolai Smirnov's works by Fine Art Enterprise M'Ars. Museum. Art Gallery. Publishing House. Moscow. 1992

Motherland (otchizna) magazine. Article by Tatiana Basova

Magazine N9, 1998. Article "All the Best Memories" by Tatiana Basova

Faces (Litsa) magazine. Article

Faces (Litsa) lifestyle magazine March, 1999. Article "Nikolai Smirnov. 

Speech development. School book Article by E.N.Kolokoltsev 

Speech Development 8-9 classes. School Book. Moscow. Drofa . 2000. Author E.N. Kolokoltsev. Article about N.Smirnov and illustration pages 94-97

UpArtDesign magazine.  Article

UpArtDesign magazine N2-3, 2001. Article "Doll is a symbol of time" 

Nikolai Smirnov. Eternal Return. 

The State Russian Museum. S.Petersburg. Palace editions. Exhibition catalogue. 2010. Articles by A.Borovsky, E.Rudenko, L.Shishkin.

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